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Thanksgiving Farmer’s Market 2017

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Fall vegetables on a table in front of The Round Barn

One of the most festive and beautiful times of year at our Vermont bed and breakfast is quickly approaching… the Thanksgiving season! Along with the crisp air and beautiful New England scenery, comes a popular event, The Thanksgiving Farmer’s Market at The Round Barn! This year’s market will be held at The Round Barn on…

People shopping at The Thanksgiving Farmer's Market at The Round Barn in Vermont

Sunday, November 19, 2017, 10:00am-2:00pm

This is a wonderful (free!) event, enjoyed by many Vermonters and guests each year, right before Thanksgiving. It is the perfect opportunity to purchase local and organic food for use at your Thanksgiving table or to purchase unique gifts for loved ones. It’s the best way to start the holiday season, don’t miss it! Here is a taste of what you might expect to see at this year’s market.

Pumpkins and fall decorations outside The Round Barn in Waitsfield, VT

  • Local and organically produced food
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Dairy products
  • Honey
  • Chocolates
  • Spirits
  • Homemade canned goods
  • Herbal teas
  • Ceramics
  • Fiber artwork
  • Wooden items
  • Glass ornaments
  • Original artwork
  • And more!

There will also be live music, food to enjoy while shopping, and plenty of community spirit to add to the festive and fun atmosphere. We hope to see you there!


Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

vermont wedding planners wedding menu planning  Vermont wedding menu ideasChoosing your Wedding Menu can be a daunting task. Not only is your wedding menu a large part of your overall budget, put it also plays an important role in the entire wedding experience you give your guests.  But relax—you have come to the right place—we have lots of experience with creating delicious wedding menus. We have put together some tips to help you with your menu planning.

Here are some wedding menu ideas to consider:

#1: Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry:

This is something we hold near and dear to our hearts!  We would never want one of your guests to leave here feeling less than satisfied.  During the cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour at our Vermont wedding venue, our minimum hors d’oeuvres package offers just the right amount of stationary and passed delights that your guests will feel full, but not too full for dinner.

#2: Don’t Overfill Your Wedding Guests:

To go along with Tip #1, the opposite is also true.  Take into consideration the type of dinner you would like to have—if you have a heavy main entrée, opt for lighter hors d’oeuvres or first course.  Maybe start dinner with a salad instead, and then move into the entrée. For our winter weddings, consider a late night snack served closer to the end of the evening, instead of a heavy first course.  You want people to dance and have fun, and not feel like they need a nap instead!

#3: Vary Your Courses:

For example, if you are having beef as your main entrée, opt for seafood for your first course.  Vary your offerings by thinking about the ingredients that go into each course.  Sometimes you don’t realize that each and every course has onions and garlic—our Chef circled them all and wrote in big red letters “ARE THEY VAMPIRES?” on one of our menu drafts.  We do review each menu with our Executive Chef so he can help with this, too!

#4: Keep Your Wedding Day Schedule in Mind:

Work with your event coordinator to make sure you have enough time for things like photographs, dancing, toasting, dancing, eating, dancing….Together, you will create a timeline for the entire day, and make sure you have enough time for all the traditions you would like to include. On average, it takes about 45 minutes for each course for about 100 people. This includes serving, eating and clearing.  Your event coordinator will create a timeline to incorporate all of these events, plus give your guests plenty of time to enjoy their meals.  For example, if you are hosting a winter wedding, some couples choose to eliminate one dinner course, and opt instead for a late night snack, served to guests as they are dancing.  You can have more dancing time, and a savory snack that goes great with your favorite cocktail!

#5:  Keep the Theme Consistent

Your wedding menu should reflect the mood of your day. If you are going for a more casual, relaxed feel, then consider a station style menu, instead of a plated dinner. If you are looking for a more formal feel, then a three course seated dinner is the way to go.  The style of menu you choose will have a direct influence on the overall feel of the event.

#6: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

There is no right formula.  The beauty of this is that it’s YOUR day! We have an amazing culinary team that specializes in Vermont wedding catering and likes to think outside the wedding box to create amazing foods.  We get excited over creative menus!  Would you like a french fry station? Or how about nothing but different types of grilled cheeses? Or a mashed potato bar?  The sky is the limit!! Don’t be afraid to think of it, or ask us if we can do it….

#7: What Do YOU Want To Eat??

Let’s remind you of this– -your wedding day should be all about you!! Yes, repeat that.  From the second your guests arrive for your big day, this whole event should be about the two of YOU! From the color of the bridesmaids dress, to the choice of music, to the location (we are still cold from our outdoor January ceremony in -10 degrees for our pair of ski racers that had to get married outside), and last, but not least, the FOOD.  Try to pick your favorites. Think of restaurants you love to visit, the food you had on your first date, places you have traveled together—those could all influence your wedding menu selections.  Stop worrying about what your Uncle Bill will and won’t eat.  It’s all about YOU!

#8: Consider the Season

One thing we can’t promise is that you can have Strawberry Rhubard pies in February. But you can have them in August. And we recommend you do so!  Seasonality affects things in two ways. First, what is available, and second, what your guests may feel like eating at that time of year.  Perhaps the braised short rib with roasted potatoes sounds like heaven to you, but it may not be what people want to eat on a hot July day.  Instead, maybe a lavender roasted chicken with preserved lemons would be better…get it? We can help you pull together an amazing meal, taking into consideration what is seasonal, and what makes sense for that season.

You can work directly with your event coordinator and our executive chef at our Vermont bed and breakfast to help put your wedding menu together.  It may take a couple of drafts, but we will make sure it is exactly what you want!

Veteran’s Day At The Round Barn!

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Vets-Image-New1This Veteran’s Day The Inn At Round Barn Farm opened up it’s last 3 rooms for free to Veteran’s.  It was our way of saying thank you for all they have done for us.

Each year, the B&B industry celebrates the sacrifices offered by our courageous vets by offering free rooms on or around Veteran’s Day through the Better Way to Stay Program.

One of our Veteran’s shared this review of their stay.

“My husband (a retired Veteran) and I were very lucky to have been able to accept the offer of a free night stay in honor of Veteran’s Day. What a fabulous time we had! The Inn is just beautiful and the staff were exceptional…from our check in with Andrew, our welcome from Janice, to watching the chef prepare breakfast (which was simply delicious) to our housekeeper! We can’t wait to make a return visit…hoping before next Veteran’s Day. Thank you again for such a great visit!”



Food News from The Inn at Round Barn Farm!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

The Inn at Round Barn Farm and our Award Winning Chef, Charlie Menard!

We are VERY proud of our Executive Chef Charlie Menard and his team.  They recently participated in two local events The Vermont Fresh Network’s Annual Forum and The Taste of The Valley in Waitsfield.

In a recent article by Burlington’s Seven Days Newspaper they noted the win for Charlie and his team for the “Best Bite”! “Among dishes from nearly 30 of the state’s top chefs, Menard’s dual offerings of basil-white-chocolate ice cream with almond tuiles; and sweet-corn ice cream with tomato jam, pesto cookie and candied fennel were a clear standout to the foodie attendees.”  You can read more of the article here.

Vermont Fresh Network Favorite!

Chef Charlie Menard in front of The Round Barn with his favorite car “Cassidy”

Charlie also had an honorable mention in a Valley Reporter article about the Taste of the Valley at Sugarbush Resort.  You can read that article here.  If you’ve eaten at the Round Barn you know we LOVE our chef and the food we present.  A guest recently shared their breakfast experience in a review on tripadvisor – “Though dining in town for lunch and dinner was good, after eating breakfast at this place anything else leaves something to be desired. Breakfast typically has three courses, friendly and wonderful service, and the seating outside on the veranda is a delight. Beyond that, words simply cannot adequately describe the food- it was so fresh, inventive, flavorful, satisfying, and scrumptious– few meals in my life compare. Some of the garnishes and ingredients are grown right on the property of the inn or by the chef with other facets produced locally.”

If you haven’t visited the property we look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our fabulous Chef!

Spring has sprung and the inn is blooming with new renovations!

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Spring has sprung at the Round Barn Farm and we are very excited about all of our accomplishments!

Since the fall, “Team Round Barn Farm” has been renovating and updating many of our public guest areas and private guestroom baths.  If you’ve been a guest you know how proud we are of our property and how we strive to provide the best experience we can for our treasured guests. These changes were all done in appreciation of you.

The Game Room

GameroomOur Game Room has always been a favorite spot to play a game of pool, watch a movie or simply relax!

In November we enhanced the space with a new amenities area including temperature controlled wine coolers, large guest fridge and freezer (for all that Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream and Cabot Cheese) and ample counter spaces.

There’s a new couch and sound bar system and lots of fun movies!




Guest Baths

AbbottBath Guest Baths

Our Jones, Abbott, Terrace, Dana & English guestroom baths have all been renovated with top of the line Kohler fixtures!

The Abbott bath featured here has a fresh new look with a brighter paint color, more lighting to read in the new whirlpool tub, and fantastic mirror space!






Pool Area

PoolAreaPool Area

Our indoor 60 foot Lap Pool is something that is unique to our property and we have turned it into a relaxing, natural light filled area. Come swim laps, run on the Lifecycle treadmill, peddle on the recline bike or stay still and simply nap away with your favorite music playing thru our Bluetooth music system.

It’s going to be a “Summer of Fun” at The Inn at Round Barn Farm! Please come join us at the Volley Ball net or challenge one of the staff to a game of horseshoes. Winner get’s the first freshly baked afternoon cookie straight out of the oven!

The Inn at Round Barn Farm launches new website!

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

We are VERY excited to announce the launch of our new website on Aair_webshotpril 10, 2013.  It’s been a true labor of love putting together the site and we’re thrilled to share it with all our guests, past, current & future.

On the site you’ll find updated photo galleries, events calendar, things to do in the valley, packages, specials and more!

This is also the first blog for the Inn at Round Barn Farm and we can’t wait to post all the cool things that are happening at the inn.

On our blog we’ll be sharing specials, nearby attractions, seasonal activities, wedding & event posts, guest reviews, recipes, and stories from the inn!

We hope to see you soon and celebrate the updates at the inn and the beautiful seasons ahead.

Happy Spring!